Sunday, 20 November 2011

Are you curious?

Afternoon all =) So I haven't really got a lot to show today apart from a few cards that I have made with scraps from other projects I've been working on this weekend. So....while photographing them, I thought I would take a photo of my scrap space. I am always curious about what other people's spaces look like. I have seen some that are so perfectly polished I would be scared to scrap in them and then others that resemble rooms you see on Foxtels Bio show, "Hoarders". I never really share anything about 'me', just LO's on here. So, if your curious, like me, about people's spaces, here's mine....

It's not pretty like some but very organised and functional. I've often gone to go buy pretty baskets and things for this space, then thought, "How many pieces of paper could I buy with that $150?".  Daron built me the shelf above the desk about 5 months ago. All my tubs up top are in reach with things like stamps, flowers, paint, trims and alphas. I have a little sewing space to the side, my "proper" sewing machine died after one too many layouts. I brought a cheapie which is rubbish so this area doesn't get used often. Under the shelf, I keep all my publishing stuff on one side and DT assignments to the other. Usually always OUAS. Nadia is the queen of organisation and it makes things so easy! SUYS is usually a bit of hodge podge and a mad dash to get everything together at the last minute lol. Under my table I have photos, a box for scrap paper and a box for bits and bobs! 

This room is sort of a weird rumpus room.
Our house is 2 story, 2 bedrooms upstairs, 2 down, with this room downstairs. On the left of this photo is a weird little mini kitchen area with a fridge, cupboards and a sink, which is great for me when misting and painting and I can make a coffee anytime I like! On the right is my home office area, which seems to be gradually getting smaller as my scrap space gets larger! Directly opposite this wall is sliding glass doors which goes out to our lower deck and to this...

There is a bush area directly behind us with a small beach and jetty on one side of the end of our street, with a childrens park and swimming beach on the other. Completely useless to me as I haven't swam at a beach since I was about 7. But I do love the view. In summer we get big pools of dolphins that swim near the jetty and love playing around the boats. Plus, hubby LOVES fishing, part of the reason we moved here. So there you have it, MY space =)

oh and my cards lol....

Apologies for the quality of photos, the light here is really meeehhhh today!


  1. How cool is your Scrappin Space!!
    To ME it look Neat & tidy...
    I Dare NOT take a photo of my office/Scrap Room......
    I think a LOT of people would think OH MY how can you scrap with So much Clutter!!! LOL!
    BUT I have BIG plans in the NEW year...
    I have my FIL with my help, Designing a Built in
    Wall just for Scrap booking!! WoooooHooooo
    So I may show that off when it's done..... hehehe
    Have to say I just LOVE your View.... ♥♥
    My Hubby & Son LOVE to fish too!!!
    Your 4 Cards are Divine...
    Have a Wonderful Week!

  2. Firstly..WOW! What a view! That is really nice and the area you live sounds just lovely. It is SO nice to hear more about you. It kind of makes you real :o)

    Now..THANKS for saying I am organised. I must admit I dont do disorgnanised too well..I am not one of those people you can throw in the deep end and will survive..LOL! So I HAVE to be on top of things or else I dont know what I would do! Its so nice to see my sketches there on your wall. It makes them real sketches are on peoples scraproom walls or desks all over the place :o) Oh and I think I spy something familiar there ...:o)
    So nice to see an insight into your life..not that hard was it? Oh and you seem pretty neat your self! Love it!

  3. Forgot to say..AWESOME blog banner and new look and incredible cards!

  4. I loveeeee your scrappy space and that view is amazing!!! And your cards..... wow wow wow wow wow!! GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Hi Georgia.. well your scrap space looks pretty neat to me.. i wonder if i should show mine??? it would look like something out of hoarders perhaps? i seem to work better when the stuff is all around me!!heehee!! and the view from your window is amazing.. surely that clears your head for great creativity... and the cards are really lovely... thanks for sharing a bit about your self....