Thursday, 8 March 2012

Random (aka Babble) Thought Of The Day

Now I don't often share much about my self or my thoughts on my blog but am really interested in knowing if I am the only one that feels this way. So after a few discussions on the topic within scrapping circles and also hitting my one year scrapaversary, I have been giving quite a lot of thought to the reasons why I scrap. Very philosophical of me isn't it? lol. For me, it started as a wedding album, then the baby photos, done the special events and the I love you's. And now I am just up to the pretty pictures. And I still feel like I have to hide behind the farce of 'preserving memories'. Now really, if it was just about that, I could get a $4 notebook from Coles, reveal my deepest most thoughts and feeling along with some photos for good measure, just to share with my family. But I don't. Why? Because that just wouldn't be fun would it? But somehow as women, we have it socially ingrained in us, that once we marry and give birth, everything there after has to have a 'greater purpose'. Why can't we just say, "Yes I spent thousands of $$'s per year on scrap supplies simply because I WANT to"....

For me, I have a son. Can I picture him at my age pouring over my pages thinking how much he was/is loved? Well, no. I'm 99.9% sure he is heterosexual and his indifference to my scrapping I am sure will be an on going process. And really I think if I have done a half decent job as a parent he shouldn't need physical proof of just how special he is. I am pretty sure that my pages will end up boxed and shipped to the nursing home along with my wrinkly ass in 40 years time, never to be seen again. So with that I am coming out of the scrap closet and admitting...

I scrap because I LOVE it. I share my pages publicly as it is a good feeling when some tells you they like what you have created. I enter challenges as it's fun and yes I am a little competitive. I get a thrill out of seeing work published as it makes me feel like I am ok at something. So does this make me shallow? A bad person? I don't think so. But just being able to say all that makes me feel better =)

Ok I am getting off my proverbial soap box now and finding something constructive to do.

Happy creating
G xox


  1. Oh Georgia, I am SO with you on this...I actually just got into an argument on a thread via ClubCK about this...a girl basically attacked my style saying she didn't like seeing so much expensive piles of stuff, small photos and little or no journaling. And though some pages & their photos have a story that needs telling, there are those other pages with beautiful photos without a specific story to be told, just begging to be scrapped in a beautiful way!!
    So I get what you're saying. I scrap for MANY reasons, and there's nothing wrong w/that. There is no wrong or right reason or way of scrapping.We all love to hear feedback on our work and who doesn't love to win every once in a while??
    Your work is amazing and beautiful, and even though you might not fit someone's personal opinion of what scrapbooking is or should be, I'm so glad you're a part of the scrappy community!!
    I'm so glad to know you :)

  2. YOU GO GIRL!!! My thoughts EXACTLY....
    I Have to admit that the Kids @ the moment REALLY Enjoy ME scrapping about them!! BUT! will they in the Future???? I SOoooo LOVE I mean L.O.V.E this Hobby @ the moment & my Kids DO NOT Suffer or miss 1 bit..... This is MY ME time, I think we all need ME time to be the best person we can BE.....
    I'll Also let them know If 1 of my layouts became a Winner & they are in it!!! they too get a little Excited!!
    My bit of babble..... LOL!
    Have a FAB day! ♥

  3. Georgia, I LOVE THIS!!!!! So honest, and I definitely cannot disagree with you!!! Of course I hope that someday, my children will cherish what I have created, but for the time being, I just really LOVE doing it, I love to share it, I love the recognition, and all of what you said. Way to put it out there and honestly display what the majority of us are feeling!!!

  4. Woo hoo! You go girl! I feel exactly what you are saying, I do because I love it. If I were to ask my husband why he like gaming (something I don't get) he would tell me he does it because he enjoys it. Everything you said comes straight from my heart too, even down to being a little competitive, maybe a lot for me,, it is nice to know that someone out there can appreciate that scrapping is just for yourself, nothing more, nothing less.

  5. I agree with you... but I am lucky to a degree though... my son is 15 and he is heterosexual, and he loves my pages I make of him and his sister... I am hoping that it stays with him (and my daughter too!) ... but if it doesn't....then at least I will have something pretty to wipe my butt with when I'm old! lol!

  6. Thankyou Georgia...I feel liberated...I too have been hiding behind the "preserving memories" farce but Im coming out thanks to you...I can tell my hubby that I do it because I can ....

  7. My thoughts exactly. Sometimes I find myself wondering WHY I scrap, is anyone going to want my ever increasing pile of albums when I am no longer here? and I feel guilty about the $ I spend on my hobby. But you know what , I love to scrap, it makes ME happy, I am not hurting anyone, I could be spending Money on far worst things. And yes I wonder sometimes am I shallow and don't I have a life as it means so much to me when someone likes my work or takes the time to comment. And yes I feel rejected and hurt when my work gets rejected. And like you it makes me feels good to be OK at something & It has brought so many wonderful people into my life, so THANK YOU for voicing what so many of us feel, and you just made us all feel better about what we do


  8. Yep to all the above....but I must admit, I get a buzz out of getting those photos out of a box [or off the computer] & onto something I can look at & enjoy [emphasis on the 'I', I must admit!]. The guilt thing is interesting, though. I think as women we often feel a necessity to justify anything we spend on ourselves...or I do, anyway:):)

  9. Totally applaud you! We have conditioned ourselves to believe that we shouldn't seek praise and vocal appreciation but spend our lives in complete selfless sacrifice. Nothing wrong with doing a hobby because it gives you pleasure - scrapbooking is an art form, a means of expression just like those that apply paint to a canvas. I have 2 boys and I think they will see my albums in the future as just my hobby, just like a quilt my Nanna made me or the smocked baby clothes my mother made them. Hoorah ! - thanks for speaking from the heart! Sxx

  10. Hi, I'm a follower of your blog and when I read this post I just had to comment - WOW - this is such a great post and so very true. For me, scrap booking is an art and a way I can express myself and what I love. I love your honesty - well done - I also very much love your scrappin style. All the very best. ☺

  11. Yep! Yep! and Yep! and of course the glue sniffing is good too!!haha!! seriously.. i dont drink, i dont smoke, i dont go out... i scrap... when i am scrapping i am not eating, i am home and not running amuck out in the world... and i do love just sitting and creating quietly... and the scrap community are like my family... and any praise i get does boost my ego... cos lets face it... what thanks do you get for a day spent cleaning everything.. who notices that??? NO ONE... so i am with you on this Georgia... we all NEED encouraging words... and when i enter challenges it is because they are the catalyst for the beginning of a layout.. cos i am pretty slow at creating and could sit and look at the pretty flowers all day... and the sense of joining in and supporting the sites also is good fun and a great way to make friends... so move over on your soap box, looks like you got lots of company!! bravo!!

  12. Yeah so true georgia I agree with everything you say had a chuckle as I read your post, I sometimes stop and think why do I do this and pour so much money into this little hobby, but its my unwind time when kids are all off to bed, I love to create and see all my memories around me makes me feel good. And its something I get a lot of enjoyment out of and its something I'm good at my God giving talent to create. What else would I be doing with my time watching tv I don't think so as my children get older I hope they appreciate the memories I have left for them I think so. Congrats on your 1 year of scrapping I'm a fan of yours you area very talented person Georgia I love looking at your work cheers Leanne.

  13. lol..glad you got off your chest :)

  14. Yepp, I'm with you on this! My thoughts exactly.
    I do not scrap just for my kids or to leave a 'legacy'. I scrap for ME because I LOVE doing it and it is MY special time! The hope that someday my girls will be happy to read about themselves and with matching phottos is just an added bonus, the icing on the cake.
    I try to journal on my page so they can learn something of the past while looking at the pretty lace and flowers on my pages.I don't drink and I don't smoke, scrapping is my 'guilty' pleasure and I will keep on enjoying it even if it means we shall have to get an even bigger house,...LOL!

  15. MTE!!!
    I remember saying something similar at a Creative Memories crop in the late 1990's--and the hushed silence that followed, like I had said I worshipped the devil or something terrible! It was heresy, lol. To say I scrapped for myself only, while the ladies were busy making separated albums for each child with the same number of photos and pages (because you can't favor one child over another) was unheard of.
    I have 2 teenage boys, btw.

  16. Hi Georgia,

    Just wanted to add my 2c worth and say that i agree with evrything you said- it is sooo true! I have 4 daughters and hope that they will enjoy looking through their albums in the future (as they do now) but if they didn't - doesn;t matter- scrapping is my time to do something i enjoy!! Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom and your amazing scrapping talent - i love all your work and can't believe that you have only been scrapping for a year!

  17. Yes Georgia I agree with you!! I also started scrapping everything, baby pictures to preserve memories but now, especially since I started blogging, (a year ago too, check out my bloggaversary giveaway) its like scrapbooking has gone to a brand new level. Scrapbooking gives me the artistic outlet that I need. It makes me feel at ease, complete, whole and happy. And yes I spend lots of money on it but its worth every penny I spend.!! I love your creations and your spirit!! hope you check out my giveaway too take care

  18. LOL.... I love your sentiment here and the humour that goes with it...
    I also just love is my sanity and my relaxation!
    It also makes me think about the things that I love and's a great way to realise one's abundance daily!

  19. Georgia - that was like a breath of fresh air sweeping through the room :-) I used to love my scrapping, my kids were littler and they looked at my layouts and I thought that made it all worthwhile. Then they grew - and stopped looking so much and now at 16 and 18 they care even less.....and for a while that bothered me and I thought should I stop - and for a while I did. But then I missed it so much - missed the creativity, the playing with pretty things, the quite contemplation that comes when you scrap special photos....I still had card making which I love too but there was something missing. So I got back into my scrapping again and yaaaay I'm loving it. Who cares if nobody pours over my albums - I have a ball with this wonderful hobby and that's enough reason for me to keep doing it until it doesn't bring me pleasure anymore. Cheers!