Friday, 29 March 2013

Processes, Teaching & Videos

Hello hello :) Hope all you guys are well!!

So over the last month I have had an influx of emails from you guys wanting to know my processes, if I teach anywhere and if I do instructional videos. So I thought I might do a post just for this purpose for anyone that is interested. It may be a long one :)

Ok, so my 'process' would be far too long to explain but I can tell how I approach things?
This is my craft space..see that word up above my desk? That I guess would be my key word if you like. 

This is what I recommend all new scrapbookers do ( I still think of myself as new too!). It is how you find your own individual style, how you find what works for you and what doesn't and the fact that it can be really fun is also a bonus. 2 out of every 3 projects I do can be 'experiments' that never even make it to my blog.  I  keep my desk neat but when I create it looks like this...

I also keep a visual art diary. If I get an idea for a new technique for paper, I try it out here, if I get an idea for a more complex page or off the page project, I might sketch it out here first. Also, I take my time, honestly it can take me 8 hours to do a page. I shuffle stuff constantly, I walk away and do something else, come back and see if I still like it, shuffle again etc. Which brings me to videos.

So up until today I was a little technologically challenged when it came to my video camera but now I think I have it sorted. I just have to work out now how I get a 8 hour layout into a watchable tutorial lol. I never thought anybody would be interested in little old me and what I do :)

Teaching workshops...just had my first taste of this and am keen to do more. It is something that normally comes around when you can get sponsorship by your manufacturer if you are on a larger design team. I have yet to apply for any of these, maybe this year?

So think that's it! On my pledge to show more and give tips, techniques whatever, here is what I worked on today.

I brought a molding mat in a crackle design that is meant for clay and had the idea that I could use it with texture paste on a canvas. I really loved the effect, I had to use quite a dark mist to bring up the crackles.

But...I found that the whole grungy theme of my canvas + the dark color made it look a bit like a Finnabair lift. I adore her work so much which is why I would prefer mine to be different and I think it is important to try not to be influenced by your scrappy idols too much. So I wiped all the mist off with a baby wipe and some of the stenciling too. Yeah the dark looks better right? Canvases are great like this, almost everything wipes off including ink as long as it's not permanent.

I replaced some of my crackle effect with a stamp and this is what it ended up looking like in the end....

This is not something that I would bother showing normally on my blog but you get the idea. So now I've mastered the technique, not created anything fabulous with it but I have learnt and next time I will maybe use it with a more contemporary layout or a brighter colored mist.

Have an awesome easter girls :)
Georgia xox


  1. sensational absolutely fantabulous ... love love love this xoxox

  2. This looks awesome Georgia, great job.

  3. I hope, hope, hope you do get onto a 'big' DT & go from strength to strength...your scrapping is so individual & THOUGHTFUL..obviously...I wish I could be like that. I'm a more slap it together & shove it on the blog anyways type of girl..but just as well we're all different, eh...oh, & i LOVE the desk 'transformation' from nonscrapping to scrapping...LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think it´s fabolus!
    Have a wonderful easter :o)

  5. That canvass is mind-blowingly stunning

  6. Oh thanks for sharing all of this... I was a bit worried when I saw the clean desk and then when I saw the 'busy' desk I thought... NOW WE ARE TALKIN!!! haha... I really love the idea of experimenting... trying different stuff.... my problem is I need to first see some one else do something, I don't have the imagination to explore.. I put that down to my age!! HAHA!! and i am sure any company would love to see what you could do with their products.. I am sure this year will see you dig deep into your store of creativity and inspire us all!! love the funky canvas too!!

  7. Loving your crafty space and your page! GORGEOUS layers!

  8. Holy Guacamole~ you are so INCREDIBLEEEEEE! Can I just say I want to fly thousands of miles and pick your brain! Inspirational! Your layouts is seriously amazing!

  9. love your experiments! and thank you for this inspiration!

  10. Loving your crafty space!!!Great technique you mastered that!!! Awesome... hugs...xoxo

  11. Fabulous canvas! Am loving the crackle effect - must give this a go! Love seeing your crafty space as well. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Amazing job. This is a very fun canvas!