Monday, 4 February 2013

Creative Creations & Sketches With A Twist

Hey hey =) Hope everyone had a great weekend. 
I got a bit of scrappy time in which always makes for a good weekend! I am feeling a bit brave today so am firstly sharing a creation that voices an opinion and secondly, a layout that has a swear word in the journalling. If you are easily offended, click away now....

 This one is a journal page for Creative Creations. I actually have 3 art journals but have never shared any of my pages here before. They tend to reflect personal thoughts or opinions so I keep them private. 

This particular page is about my dislike of scrapbookers calling themselves "Artists". Yes there are some, a small group and those that design their own products most definitely. For the most part though, I kind of feel like it takes away from people who really are artists and to me see people use the word as a way of portraying their passion for crafts to the outside world as something more than it is. That's just my opinion though, I know not everyone feels that way....

I have used a "mixed media" flare button.

I also had time to get a quick challenge entry done in between DT work. I really loved the sketch at Sketches With A Twist this month. The twist on the sketch is to use texture paste. The yellow background on my layout is texture paste mixed with liquid watercolor...

Yes I know altering photos of your loved ones and finding it hilarious is somewhat immature. Maybe it is a way of not taking myself or others too seriously or maybe I am just an 8 year old boy trapped in a 36 year old woman's body. Probably a combination of the two!!

Happy scrapping
G xox


  1. I actually stood up and high-fived you. Thank you! I get so annoyed when people draw some chevrons with masking tape on a canvas, hang it on their wall and say they created art. Seriously?? (But then I get annoyed at chain stores who display wall decor pieces and call it "art" as well). Maybe I am just an art snob. Good on you for actually standing up for what you believe in. If anyone gives you flak over it, they need to get over themselves.
    Loved your funny pics too - so refreshing to see something that is not all perfectly dreamy. Have a great week (just very early Monday morning in Canada)...

  2. loving your canvas, so amazing, love your altered funny faces photo :) put a smile on my dial :)

  3. Oh you have made me laugh... and you are not the only one to play around and make faces sag or explode.. and I find it very funny too!!

    Your canvas looks amazing.. love the back ground!! and your take on the sketch looks wonderful.. love the layers under the photo.. love the back ground too.. and thanks for joining in at SWAT this month!!

  4. I found your journal page really interesting as I consider you one of the more artistic scrapbookers I follow. I think the lines between craft/mixed media/artists can be very blurred and open to interpretation but I agree a lot of crafters tend to elevate themselves much further up the scale than their work deserves.

    Grea take on the sketch, I really like your background. The photos looks so amusing!

  5. These are great - I love that you have a definite point of view...I'm mostly one of those peeps who shrug & go 'whatever'.....doesn't worry me, really:):) And I LOVE your SWAT LO - as always you just 'nail' the colours & the layers:):):)

  6. the photo altering, Georgia...that is just classic!
    Fabulous layout & journal them both!

  7. You gave me a great giggle tonight, love the altered photos and have never tried it but it may happen soon.

  8. haha, that picture made me laugh - funny!! Actually an artist is also someone whose work exhibits exceptional skill in drawing or design or painting - so to some extent a scrap booker is also an artist. I always thought of you as an artist :) I'm not one that is too bothered by how people define themselves - I think it's important that you do what you love and that it's true to you - if that makes sense :)

  9. Really expressional (is that a word?) art journal page - and I'm not talking about the text!

    The layout is just awesome! Really great photo, too ;D

  10. LOL...thanks I needed that giggle right now ;) Brilliant creations...hehe I too love to 'play' with photos in photoshop for comic relief, I just never printed them off.

  11. wow Georgia ... you certainly brought a smile to my face ... good on you !!! now to the layouts .. brilliant as always you are so inspiring with your art and your poitive and creative attitude to life .. well done you xoxooxo

  12. LOL!!!!

    Both layouts are beautiful... I'm with Heather... your creations are such an inspiration!!! hugs...xoxo

  13. Thanks for making me smile at the end of a loooong night. Your art journal page? Awesome. In every way. I love that you are not afraid to show your opinions, this is your blog, you can say whatever you want! Your layout is awesome, as always, love the splash of yellow, very eye catching! Anyway, the funny photos, too, love 'em!! Anyway, have a great day :)

  14. LOL! Love the photos! Love your AJ page and layout. Amazing background work! Fabulous layers! Always inspirational!

  15. FANTASTIC journal page.. love your layout too Miss G!! hehehe! You have such a gr8 sense of humor...Some of my photo's I wouldn't need to alter..I'm sure look similar! LOL!

  16. Funny photos ;)
    Love the art journal page and it is so TRUE! I guess art can be found almost everywhere but there's a big difference between an ARTIST and a CRAFTER however talented.

  17. Oh my word! You are awesome!Love your candidness. One more reason why I think you are pretty awesome!
    I love the canvas- WOW! What a message, and I agree with you- not everyone is a Monet or Renoir. I do however think very highly of your work my friend. I think you are one of those ppl- the ones that are right up there with SERIOUS crafter talent!

  18. I'm sitting on the couch watching TV and checking out Google Reader - your 'artists' layout popped up and I had a giggle. Shared it with hubby and he had a giggle too ..... you go girl, love it! And so true.

    Both layouts are superb, even if the first one got the most giggles!

  19. WOW gorgeous creations Georgia.. adore them both!! Your such a funny chicky.. love your pics!!

  20. You know, I have a friend who gushes about me being an 'artist' to other people and I find it highly embarrassing! I'm with you totally on the journal page, it's quite brilliant!
    Your SWAT page is fabulous too, LOVE the funny photos!

  21.'re quite the joker Georgia. Love the idea, it's brillant!!!

  22. I love ya made me smile big time just now, love this post and glad I stopped by. Its an age old discussion Arts Vs Crafts one we delved into often when I was at art school. Its a difficult one to pin down, but I am totally with you on the whole I'm an Artist bizzoo that people so easily label themselves. Hey until you have a solo show or are hanging in some fabbo gallery I am very uncomfortable with the term being used so loosely!

  23. LOVE your canvas!! It is so right, nobody should say I am a artist.

    But than there is the question : who is a artist? For example, I see a women create such a beauty page , I just keep staring at, cant believe how beautiful....she is just a woman who is crafting, ok!

    Than I go in the museum and look at a painting whats just red. The whole canvas just red..........he is a artist(sorry, forgot his name) and the painting costs millions, ok!

    What do I have to think now? So difficult. Was he lucky to be in the right place and in a artistic surrounding? is she a stay at home mom, who would have been famoust when she was in the same place as he was?
    For me a artist is somebody who creates something what others can't.

    A street painter with airpaint, wow, I dont believe my eyes
    A graphic designer, fashion painter, landscape painters, mucisians etc.
    Well it is hard to say, I for myself am a crafter and even that is difficult sometimes.

    But I have to admit, there are some scrapbookers and mixed media crafters who are artists for me.
    Sorry for my bad english, have a nice weekend!