Saturday, 10 December 2011

Scrap Stuff & Me

I thought it might be fun every now and then when I do a post on my blog, not just to share scrapping stuff, but to tell you something about myself (when I have the time). Sometimes big stuff, sometimes just something random! So this weeks 
'About Me' is..
.Do you know that my name isn't actually Georgia? Well not legally anyway...My birth certificate will tell you I'm Georgina. The name Georgia came about when I first started working as a teen and I got one of those funky little name badges, well they missed the N and soon enough everyone started calling me Georgia. Apart from actually preferring it, there is one big thing I noticed that not adding a N in there does. Everyone just uses 'Georgia', not every variation known to man that comes about when you are a Georgina. 

I got called "George" which is fine if you are...

Or there is "Georgie", which is only cute if you are...

or my all time hated variation "Gina" which brings about images of....

So apart from a few old time rellies, no one ever calls me Georgina (or variations) anymore...thankgod!

Now onto the scrappy stuff lol. This is a layout I did for the December sketch challenge over at Handmade By Suzanne. I have used the new Echo Park Times & Seasons ( yes it's not Webster's Pages lol) along with a few hybrid elements. 

Well time for me to get my ironing board out, hope everyone is having a more exciting weekend than mine!!! TFL xox


  1. Oh wowers! This is stunning Georgia!! Love how you've used these papers. It's so different from mine and really gorgeous.
    Lol! Had a giggle about how your name came about. Lovely name. :)
    Hope you have a great weekend. xx

  2. Hi Georgia!!! you made me laugh with the first bit about your name and the photos!! so thanks for brightening my day like that!!
    and the layout.. well i am blown away each time i come by here.. you really are so talented.. the whole feel of the layout is lovely, yet a great trendy young mans layout.. love all of it..
    and my given name is coralie.. and don't get me started on the variations on that one..... (cola - ree was the worst...)that is why i go by the nick name given to me by my dad when i was born... Lizzy... everyone can say Lizzy!!!
    have a fabulous weekend!!)

  3. I totally LOVE the bit about your name!! I loveeeeeeeeee it!!! You would probably be surprised on how many MEN spell my name JULY!!!! Seriously.... no joke... only MEN and they most always spell it JULY!!! Cracks me up!!! I love love love love love your lo!! Just GORGEOUS! I loveeeeeeeee that photo, the colors and loving the title work! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Oh I just love your story about your name and the images....yep, exactly what springs to my mind. Fabulous. Thanks for sharing.
    And I just love your page. Gorgeous combination for a boy page. And a fab pic too.

  5. I`m too late? Don`t take it out! :)
    Great layout!

  6. Oh "George" you literally had me laughing out loud on that one! I get called missy a lot but the worst is Mitzy...old men especially. I don't know one person with that name but I think it makes me sound like a pole dancer! lol

  7. Thanks for Sharing this Info about your Name & the images are Cool too...
    Just too funny too pointing out not Webster Pages... hehehe
    I don't think it matters what you create with, you Create Such AMAZING Creations GIRL......
    Have a GR8 week

  8. LOL! Love that snippet of info with the images! I think of Georgina from the Enid Blyton series of books "The Famous Five" and her name was nicknamed George for short! :D Georgia is lovely aswell though! :D

  9. LOVE that page! The little details are amazing!

  10. awesome page. and loved your websters pages too!!!