Monday, 5 June 2023

Hello world ....8 years on!

I am still in disbelief that it has been 8 years since I last blogged. I was even more surprised to find this blog still here, yes I was still logged in! Do people still even use blogger? 

I never really explained where I went last time. I just packed up my stash and decided I was done. Dropping all my DT roles, sold my gear and life moved on. Something I loved so much just became too much. Something I started as a type of therapy became the opposite. Why I am here again you may wonder? Paper, paint and all those pretty little things have drawn me back in after a major hiatus.

So anyway, 8 years on... I have lost both my parents, my nest if empty with my son moving out with his girlfriend and starting his life. We have a new house, I am back at my old business and life is still ticking away. So about a month ago, I started creating again. Just for myself, occasionally for etsy. And I am really enjoying the slow pace of it. My style a slightly different version of the old, simpler, less chaotic...that may change. I have no idea if anyone will even read this, but just felt like sharing some of my creations :)

Georgia xx

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  1. Hello Georgia!!!! so good to hear from you!!! Yes I am still blogging and plodding along...It sounds like you have had a lot happen in your life, which is what happens... 8 years???? it is crazy how fast the years have gone.. I too am a empty nester, just hubby and i at home now.. so quiet..I miss my kids.. but they are out there living their lives.. I have 2 grand kids!! haha yes I am a grammie!!! so very good to hear from you.. you still create so beautifully.. and yes just creating with no expectations is a good thing to do.. and blog land is a lot quieter now, but I like to post on mine, mainly for a place to keep a record of what I create.. I hope you keep sharing!! take care.. lizzy