Saturday, 26 July 2014

New Scrapbook Diaries Kit & Stamps!!

Hey there my fellow crafty peeps!

Dropping by to share some new exciting projects.
 First up is a new kit I have designed for The Scrapbook Diaries using some yummy 7 Dots Studio papers, Prima Marketing flowers and embellishments with lots of art medium goodness.

A little disclaimer: I don't have tickets on myself with the 'wonderful' title, it just kind of worked for this page as a sample lol.

An now something even more exciting. 
I have two new stamp sets just released for the Scrapbook Diaries.
I have yet to even play with these myself so am itching to get my hands on them.

Sewing Notions Set

Watermarks Set 

You can find all of these here

Thanks for stopping by


  1. You're doing a whizz bang job with your stamp sets...these look fabulous! Looooove your page, always mix colours & textures soooo beautifully! Hoping Tassy isn't toooo darn cold atm! We're enjoying [NO Irony - serious!!!] a drop of rain here.......NICE to hear that pitter patter on the roof!!!!! Go you, with all your busy-ness with your Big DT's atm!!!!

  2. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW amazing Georgia!!!!!

  3. Oh what can I say... I'd love to create in the smallest way you do :) I love it!

  4. Wow your stamps look amazing and would be so fabulous on any back ground.. And your layout is fabulous, and you are a wonderful scrapper, love all the details.. layer upon layer.. stunning work..

  5. Love your blog header too.. AmaHHZINGGG!

  6. hello there!!!! I just wanted to pop by and let you know how amazing ur stamps are that u r designing!!! I love them.... wish I could get them here in Australia - you don't have any stashed away by any chance???? hehe ;)
    love ur scrap pages as always!! xx

  7. Great layout, kit and stamps!!! Thanks so much for being part of the team! You are a talent beyond measure!

  8. Georgous layout. I love it so muchhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. ok - you've got me with those stamps - I'm off for a look! Fab lo btw!

  10. Hmmm it's an American company. So my question is the same as Anita's - can we get your stamps here?