Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A2Z Scraplets October Challenge

I thought I might have another go at the A2Z Scraplets challenge this month as I really loved the sketch! So this layout is completely experimental for me. It only takes 30 seconds of flicking through my blog to discover that I haven't really got one particular scrappy style, I love them all. But to improve my skills I feel like I really need to narrow down a style. The one I had yet to tackle is artsy grunge/minimalist. For this layout my focus was to recreate the sketch ( I rotated it on it's side) using mostly art mediums instead of paper and embellishment. I have to say it felt so much more creative doing it this way than just working around patterned paper! When it came to embellishment, I was a little stumped. My stash is leaning towards  flowers and bling and pretty ribbons etc, none of which really fit this style. I may have to go shopping ( like I need an excuse!) lol. I have zero ability to judge my own work, until someone tells me otherwise I never know if something is a train wreck or genius ( yeah unlikely!). So I will have to wait and see I guess. What do you think, not my thing or should I work on it? (You can be blatantly honest, I don't offend easily)....


  1. Hi...whats your style?? why limit yourself? i really believe you can do anything... you are diverse and creative and artsy and i just love what you create.. you can do male layouts and soft gorgeous pretty layouts... i think scrappers are always evolving and learning and trying new things..as long as you are enjoying what you do.. just keep doing it i say! love this one.. wish i could see it in real life, i bet it is even better!!xx p.s. love your new blog header!!

  2. OMYGOSH! I loveeeeeeeeeee this! I loveeeeeeeeee that photo of you and loveeeee all the little journal words! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Personally, I love your LO! How much fun is this style? The more potential mess there it is the better I say.

  4. I Really could not pin point MY Style Still!!!
    I have seen most of your WORK & I personally think NO matter which Style you choose to do...
    I THINK you ROCK IT!! to the MAX...
    & as long as you LOVE the end result than that's all that counts!!!! JUST SAYING.... LOL!
    BTW FAB Layout.... xx

  5. I also have no style I think. I want to try everything but I tend to stay away from simple. I think this is a beautiful layout. I like the messiness and the bits and pieces everywhere..which is unusual for you. The photo as a centre piece is awesome too. The only thing I would change is the size of your images on your blog. LOL! I wish you posted them HUGE so I can take in all the details :o) Take care!

  6. I am the same dont really have a style, I just let the pic and the story dictate the style. I have to say I LOVE this layout


  7. I think you nailed this one!!!
    It's perfectly balanced, lots of yummy texture an dthe photo is awesome!!
    Another beautiful layout!

  8. LOVE your LO Georgia..fab grunge feel to it and what a great pic!! I'm the same I do have some styles which I find myself drawn to, but I love to mix it up and try different things. Have a wonderful week :))

  9. I think it looks great, and doesn't it feel good to try out a different style? I don't think it's possible for you to create something that doesn't totally work - you have a natural knack and all your stuff is awesome!